it’s called inventory day jeez

there should def be a subscribe + save on this CB6000 situation

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my part #dancer girl, part #domme outfit from yesterday’s #pantyhose session #capezio dance shoes too!

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Prisoner intake protocol f

Hey, did you guys know I’m sharing some gooood kinky stuff over on xhamster? If you can’t beat ‘em… anyway, this one’s for all you jailbirdie boys who need me to arrest you….

i know there’s some plotline here but i am legitimately too distracted by molly’s legs to notice anything else


i’ve got great reviews on yelp.


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up late editing videos, thought this moment from a recent me-as-the-prison-warden session was particularly heartwarming. cockwarming?


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ready to come visit me? f

I know it’s been an annoying few months from me — break from sessions, break from constant inappropriate social media photos, etc… but anyway, I’m taking sessions again, so cmon over, let me restrain you and then psychologically break you using your fetish and your masculinity as a weapon against your own better nature! (in a good way, like a fun way, not a pain-and-suffering way)

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someone’s got dirt on Jamie, uh-oh.

hahaha that “someone” may or may not be me… 


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Simplicity, simplicity… sometimes, sticking to the basics* works best.

**My basics include the Restraint Chair, double ruined orgasms, pantyhose teasing..


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Hey that’s me! Oooh, that was a fun day… 


dj got punished because she was bad hahaha


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segufixgirls (Segufixgirls) on Twitter f

this is why models shouldn’t be allowed to play with the office smartphone… i don’t even know how they got the twitter password. ugh


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